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Ever thought of owning a Florida Barndominium?

What is a Barndominium you ask? A Florida Barndominimum is a rustic, open concept structure. The Barndominimum concept originated in Texas. Horsemen designed these barn/shop structures so they could keep an eye on their livestock without having to go outside.  

Practical, customized, and reasonably priced, barndominiums are wildly popular with buyers looking for a sensible solution to build their custom country home or retreat. Barndominiums are technically industrial buildings converted into living spaces. Today's Barndominium concept has become known as custom homes or country retreats with large, open floor plans with many options to achieve your desired look. The options are endless.

Interested in where you can build a Barndominium? We has some of the most picturesque rivers and lakes scattered across Central Florida and along the parts of the Gulf Coast. Check out this great land deal located minutes east of Gainsville, FL.

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Lake Bonnet Woods located in Earlton, FL can be found within a 2 hour drive from Tampa. Enjoy boating, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and great Florida fishing. These homesites will sell out this Saturday 

Property Features

All 5-15 Acre Homesites!  
Premium location just 15 minutes from Gainesville 
Beautiful nicely wooded homesites 
Private Paved Roads 
Underground Utilities 
Boat Launch, Dock, & Gazebo
No time frame to build, choose your own builder!
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Great financing

The cost of building a traditional home in Florida is between $100 and $200 per square foot. This will cover the basic build of the structure and does not include extra features like countertops, custom cabinets or appliances. If you want state of the art technology in your home, this is going to be added onto the cost of the initial build. Because of this, a barndominium could be a perfect alternative if you want to save money on this basic construction. 

Building a barndominium in Florida is quite a bit cheaper than a traditional home. Basic assembly of the barndo will be somewhere between $30 and $40 per square foot. Because of this lower cost, you can build many more features into your budget. 


If you're interested in making great family memories, nestled away in the country, with lake access, and far away from the crowded beach, let me know. I can help you locate the land, find a metal building contractor and wrap it up a competitive mortgage!